Aquasan ozonizers remove bacteria, pesticides and chemicals from fruits, vegetables and meat, and is an essential piece of equipment in every kitchen today, given the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture, and of steroids in poultry farming.

Ozonizer Operation Instruction

  • Plug into an earthed socket.
  • Connect the tube with the outlet of the machine and the ozone diffuser stone.
  • Place the ozone diffuser stone into the vessel containing water with vegetables and fruits.
  • Turn the time knob clockwise direction to indicate the working time and to stop. (maximum working time is 30 minutes).

Ozonizer Usage

  • Disassembles the hormone in the meat of household birds, commodity sterilization.
  • Reduces the remained pesticide.
  • Keeps fresh and antisepsis, sterilizes tableware.
  • No secondary pollution.

Ozonizer Parameters

  • Color : White
  • Operating Voltage : Ac 180 / 240 V
  • Ozone : 300 Mg /H
  • Rated Power : 8 W

Product Specifications

Cleaning Vegetables 10-15 Min Remove bacteria and pesticides from the surface of the vegetables/fruits
Cleaning Fish and Meat 15-20 Min Reduce chemicals, hormones ,bacteria and also prevent deterioration of the appearance, texture and smell of food
Purification Of Water 10 Min Destroy harmful… bacteria and excess chlorine from water