This is a unique product from Aquasan that helps to remove stubborn stains from clothing, and is a must have item in every home.

Aquasan Magic Stick Usage

Magic stick can remove stain from collar & cuff, hense protect shirt from collar damage.It is made of natural coconut oil compounded 12 kind of non-ion surfactants, adding strong emulsifer empicol and detersive potentiating agent HY. This product doesn’t contain harmful chemical materials, such as phosphor and boron, etc. It can effectively clean out all dead end dirtiness. Antibacterial and anti hypersusceptibility.

No harm to any clothes being cleaned. It has strong capability of stain removal and can maintain the clothes tenderly. It combines four functions of polishing, maintain, decontamination and deodorization in one.

It is innocuous and no irritation, mild to people’s skin and it has fresh fragrance of natural lemon.